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When Real Estate Agencies go Crash!!

by Kevin Hockey Real Estate Agency Sales We genuinely love helping Principals to sell their Rent Roll and Real Estate Agency. I experienced the reality of owning my own Real Estate Business, the long long hours, the risk associated to having your home on the line, working hard sometimes just to pay other people’s wages, […]

Industry Future

by Kevin Hockey Real Estate Agency Sales How may the traditional Real Estate agency change? There’s plenty of discussion about real estate models effecting the real estate industry but what about market forced change? We are in the middle of a changing attitude with today’s younger generation which has real potential to have a genuine […]

Sunshine Coast rent roll for sale – sold

Priced to sell very fast. Excellent rent roll portfolio with high management fees, low arrears, great returns and perfect size to add to your existing portfolio. • 122 Managements • Generating $186,480 in annual management fee income • Plus extra fees of $37,142 p.a. • 7.69% Ave management fee • $1,541 Average income per property […]

Assigning managements under the new Property Occupations Act 2014 legislation

In November 2014 new Real Estate legislation in Queensland began when the Property Occupations Act 2014 replaced the Property Agents and Motor Dealers Act. In doing so the appointment form changed to the Form 6 and with it a significant change when it comes to selling and buying a rent roll. The ability to assign […]

Sunshine Coast Rent Roll #375 – sold

Urgent Sale!! This medium sized rent roll boasting some very impressive figures is now available for an immediate sale. Located in the heart of the Sunshine Coast, the roll is very tightly geo-located and in a sought after area that ensures very high averages and low arrears/vacancies. • 123 managements • Average income per property […]

Whitsundays Agency + Rent Roll for Sale – sold

Now available in the magical Whitsundays is this established Property Management business offering all the lifestyle benefits of its location, as well as a solid base for growing market share in the area. There is a small office with low expenses and a lease for a further 2 ½ years. • 67 Managements • Generating […]

Assigning appointments under the Property Occupations Act 2014

The new Property Occupations Act 2014 brings changes that can affect the way assignments are handled. The First change is that the new appointment Form 6 does not have any provisions in regard to the assignment. All appointments are now assignable. Looking at the new legislation there has been a dramatic change to how we […]

Is GST payable in the sale of a Rent Roll

In the sale of a Real Estate Agency there is no doubt that the sale is a “going concern” whereby no GST is applicable to the sale. In the case of the sale of a Rent Roll only there remains conjecture in regards to whether it is a “going concern” or not and therefore whether […]

Are you Buying or Selling a Rent Roll?

Then you need to talk to us at Real Estate Agency Sales!! We are the experts in the Rent Roll sale process. It’s all we do. Our services include: • Contract advice • Solicitor referral • Finance referral • Due Diligence • Rent Roll sale management • Rent roll purchase management • Organic Rent Roll […]