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Selling your Rent Roll Privately.

Today I’ve had another private seller contact me wanting help with their contract. Generally I don’t mind assisting except when it comes to asking for access to my systems, that’s a part of the real value we provide. However the question, “isn’t that part of a normal contract” or “what is normal in this situation” […]

Independent Brands

There is a battle occurring in the Queensland Real Estate market to be the premier brand across franchises. The once dominant brands of Ray White, LJ Hooker, Raine and Horne are now in a fight for supremacy from brands such as Belle, Place and McGrath. However there’s another battle going on in competition too and […]

Why use a broker to sell your business or rent roll?

This week I have had a conversation with a principal who related with me his disappointment that he sold his rent roll privately and didn’t use me as he originally intended. It was probably 2 years ago and we had been in discussion about selling when a buyer approached him directly and he figured he […]

Our website – 1

Real Estate Agency Sales’s website has been designed to be completely user friendly and provide potential buyers the fastest, simplest access to the information required to allow you to make a decision about purchasing. It also upholds a strict requirement to protect both Sellers and Buyers personal information and maintaining the confidentiality of all parties […]

Our website – 2

Want to know more about Buying or Selling a Real Estate Agency or Rent Roll. Our website has a lot of information to help you understand more about the process. Review our Blog page and read all about the process. Check out our services page and see how else we can help your office grow, […]

Agents – Most Trusted Opinion Poll

Another survey shows agents rating poorly in the most trusted professions by ranking 28th out of 30, below lawyers, talk back radio announcers and even below politicians. Apparently we’re surprised by this because as an industry we have improved. I agree, I have no doubt that as an industry we have improved however is it […]

Buying a rent roll – 1

Using your equity in your Rent Roll to purchase another portfolio is a great way to generate instant growth and cashflow. The benefits are substantial. Remember to generate maximum value from the purchase, review the rents, communicate with the Landlords and give high levels of service to increase the income. For more information about buying […]

Buying a Rent Roll – 2

Buying a Rent Roll is a great way to grow your business. The purchase process is important and will reflect the value you can gain from the investment. Ensure when you buy that you include a Due Diligence condition within the contact and use this period to properly review the portfolio. Look at the files, […]

How do we ascertain the multiplier?

A common question is How do we come up with the multiplier for a Rent Roll. A Rent Roll multiplier is based on a range of factors and KPI’s determined by reviewing the details of a portfolio. The most importantly considered factors, but not limited to, are: Management Fee Landlords with multiple properties Spread of […]

Maximising the Rent Roll price

In most cases of a small to medium sized Real Estate Agency the rent roll holds up to 95% of the value of the business. Therefore ensuring your Rent Roll portfolio is in prime condition to sell has major benefits. To ensure a premium price in your market follow these tips. Low management fees reduce […]