Newsletters VS Social Media

Newsletters vs Social Media!!

During our process of selling Agencies and Rent Rolls it surprises me how few offices have a regular newsletter programme.

Real Estate Agency Sales is built on some pretty simple fundamentals and you can do the same thing in your business.

My primary strategy when I launched REAS all those years ago was to build a database, a list of email addresses of potential sellers and buyers.

At Real Estate Agents one of our primary roles is to collect data. Phone numbers and email addresses are like Gold, collect every one you can. Enter these details into a CRM programme which will allow you to track information and send newsletters.

Today we employ someone whose sole role is to monitor and update our database.

Once we had our database together it was as simple as communicating through the use of newsletters and emails. The strategy has worked well for us and it can work in your agency too.

Consistency in sending quality newsletters will provide a constant level of enquiry from sellers and buyers, just as it does for us.

As a real estate agent and then as a Principal I would send a weekly email newsletter of property for sale with a marketing message or local information. On a monthly basis I would have a letter mailed out to my database discussing a specific topic like interest rates, legislation changes, local property values etc.

Social Media has added a new dimension to how we communicate but it hasn’t replaced a great newsletter process. Newsletters inform your contacts while Social Media allows you to engage with them. Social Media will allow you to be remembered, Newsletters will generate action and enquiry. Keep in mind though, Social Media may absorb your time, Newsletters can be generated by an assistant.

If you operate different departments, for example Sales and Property Management, have a newsletter for each section to provide the right message relevant to the client.

To Grow your Rent Roll a quality newsletter programme should be your very first strategy!!

Contact us for more information on how to build a newsletter programme to generate listings, sales and grow your rent roll. Call on 3266 4242 or email


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