Sometimes we just don’t know when we will want to cash out and gain the benefits of all of the hard work you put in growing your Rent Roll.

Many times though we can plan our exit from our business and this is when you have the opportunity to put in place simple steps that will increase the quality of your rent roll and increase the value of your Rent Roll.

Over many years we at Real Estate Agency Sales have learnt that the value of your Rent Roll is not just based on the number of properties that you have on your books, but even more importantly is the income that you generate from your  Rent Roll

Many Factors influence the value of a Rent Roll including:-

  • Average weekly Rental
  • The Management fees that are charged
  • The amount and types of other income generated
  • The age and location of your clients properties
  • The arrears rate across the portfolio
  • Your Average Vacancy Rates
  • Are the Inspections up to date
  • The type of software that you are using

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