Confidentiality Is Vital

Confidentiality is Vital

In the process of buying and selling a Rent Roll or Real Estate agency, the feedback we have received is, confidentiality is consistently the most important part of the process for everyone.

This week I had a call from a Principal saying he knows other agents who would want to buy his rent roll and who is it and where is the office. I explained our confidentiality process was online and each buyer would need to complete it. Was he genuine or out fishing, I guess I’ll soon find out.

But I’m very happy that our process works and we remain committed to being the very best at doing everything possible to protect all parties in every transaction.

Often a seller hasn’t communicated to the staff that their Rent Roll is for sale and in this circumstance, confidentiality is vital. A buyer provides us some important information during the buying process or sometimes doesn’t want the seller to know in the early stages who they are and therefore confidentiality for them is important too.

Our online process ensures everyone is considered and there are no shortcuts. If confidentiality is important to you then contact us at Real Estate Agency Sales anytime on 3266 4242 or email me direct at whether selling or buying.

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