Brisbane Gold Coast Sunshine Coast and Queensland Rent rolls for sale

Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Queensland Rent rolls for sale

During the course of 2012 we have seen a steady but clearly changing market in regards to the sale of Real Estate Agencies and Rent Rolls.

The real estate sales market has improved consistently across the course of 2012 to the point where last weekend, agents experienced buyer number at open homes of 30 and more. With improved sales have come improved cashflow and less requirement of sellers in urgent need to sell. However, with the last 2 years firmly in mind, Principals now acknowledge the importance of their Property Management department and its relevance to cashflow and the agency budget.

What does this all mean?

It’s the old adage – Supply and Demand!!

Less sellers and more buyers = increased multipliers. I’ve discussed this previously and now it is clear that rent roll values have improved and undoubtedly will continue to do so in the short term into 2013 at least.

What this also means is more sellers will be looking to sell the entire business, not just cash out on the rent roll and close the doors. Therefore the purchase of rent rolls only will become less of an option.

And here is the next part of the equation. We are seeing more enquiry for buyers to purchase agencies as there is continued confidence in the real estate sales market. The value of the sales business however may take more time to recover from the expectation that most offices hold no goodwill value.

To wrap up – Buyers can expect to pay more for rent rolls. Principals can expect increased rent roll values. Sellers can expect faster sales with improved prices. More offices are focused on increasing their rent rolls.

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