Why use a broker to sell your business or rent roll

Why use a broker to sell your business or rent roll?

This week I have had a conversation with a principal who related with me his disappointment that he sold his rent roll privately and didn’t use me as he originally intended. It was probably 2 years ago and we had been in discussion about selling when a buyer approached him directly and he figured he could save some commission which seemed a reasonable idea at the time.

Unfortunately, a lot of things went wrong and the contract didn’t protect him. He had no support or good advice and it cost him a lot, lot more than our commission.

This isn’t a rare occurrence. I have had similar conversations with other. I remember one transaction where I was told they chose not to use a broker and of 340 managements, 130 were lost. As a broker I know how to limit that likelihood to almost certainly never happening.

Using a broker such as Real Estate Agency Sales provides you access to a full market of potential buyers, our systems to assist you in the sale process, our contract which is designed from years of experience, our knowledge of market conditions and the best methods to ensure the right sale is effected and provide advice around the process, vendors, contract matters, financial matters and the best buyer for your business.

If you have any questions about selling, contact Kevin Hockey on 0413 879986 or email kevin@reas.com.au

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