Gympie to Rainbow Beach, Tin Can Bay

Gympie to Rainbow Beach, Tin Can Bay



Our first stop on our Real Estate Agency Sales regional tour was to Gympie, Rainbow Beach and Tin Can Bay.

The region is sometimes considered the very northern tip of the Sunshine Coast but is part of the Wide Bay – Burnett region of Queensland. Rainbow Beach and Inskip Point are the gateway to Fraser Island, the worlds largest sand island and a mecca 4wd driving experience.

Gympie is the major local town with a population of approx. 19,000 and is just 160km north of Brisbane.

Rainbow Beach has spectacular beaches and amazing coloured sand cliffs. You can 4wd on the beach from Noosa to Rainbow Beach, passing through the popular camping area of Double Island Point.

Tin Can Bay is a small coastal town beside the Snapper River and is a well known location for Dolphin Feeding. Bottlenose dolphins come in to the river each day and National Parks runs a well planned dolphin feeding programme to allow visitors the ability to get up close to these beautiful wild animals.


The area is known as the Cooloola Coast.

This market is generally unaffected by outside influences of other regions such as tourism and the mining sector. Values of Rent Rolls for sale are generally only affected by normal market conditions.

New housing has introduced better rental property and portfolio’s can be influenced by their make up of newer or older properties.


Photo: Kylie Best from Welcome Home Rentals was one of the agents we met with in the region.

Low property values and rents affect the Property Management income levels and therefore overall potential market value.

The Beachside locations of Rainbow Beach and Tin Can Bay rely heavily on holiday rentals and their rental departments.

Rainbow Beach and Tin Can Bay: Under $2, currently $1.50 to $1.80 per $1.

In this region Businesses normally carry base value depending upon available staff, their experience and history of achieving sales results. The Business will need to show long term ability to generate profit and the Business’s reliance on the Principal to generate income and profit will also have a significant bearing on the sale.


At the moment there are no Businesses for sale or Property Management rent rolls for sale.

Real Estate Agency Sales met at least 2 offices in the region who would consider buying a rent roll.

For more details contact Kevin Hockey from Real Estate Agency Sales on 0447 555 683 or email

Marketing message

Our first stop around Queensland to visit regional offices saw us meet with Principals in Gympie, Rainbow Beach and Tin Can Bay.

Read our Market Report here.

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