Buy Online at

Buy Online at

Real Estate Agency Sales has released an automated process for buyers to complete the confidentiality agreement and receive the details of the rent roll or agency for sale. The website at allows you almost immediate online access to complete the confidentiality agreement, provide some basic confidential information to allow us to assess your application and receive a detailed report of the rent roll or real estate agency of interest.

All this in under 5 minutes!!

No more waiting for responses to your emails or phone calls.

Real Estate Agency Sales is the first real estate broker in Australia to create the automated process for buyers online. Company Director Kevin Hockey said “Times have changed and we all expect instant access to information. If we don’t communicate quickly enough buyers will choose to go elsewhere”.

The benefits to the buyer are speed to information. The quicker buyers can receive the information they require the quicker they can make decisions which benefit their business.

The benefits to the seller are that they are guaranteed every buyer must complete a confidentiality agreement prior to receiving any information. The seller also knows every buyer interested in purchasing their rent roll or real estate agency will always have the ability to quickly, efficiently and confidentially access the information they require to make the decision to buy whilst maintaining the confidentiality of the seller and their business.

Once the buyer has completed the required details their information is sent to Real Estate Agency Sales allowing us to follow up the buyer and protect all parties interests.

Kevin Hockey also said “Real Estate Agency Sales is happy to be a leader of the use of technology by Australian Real Estate Brokers to provide better and faster services to the needs of busy Real Estate Principals”.

Whenever viewing a property at simply click on the “Request more information” button on the page of the rent roll or agency you are interested in and follow the prompts.

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