Borrowing against your Rent Roll

Borrowing against your Rent Roll

This is the year of opportunity – for those willing to grasp it. American Entrepreneur Warren Buffet said, Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful. Seems like the world is pretty fearful, so is this our chance to be greedy?
To take advantage of the potential opportunities which may arise for you and your business, you may need help funding your progress. This is where your rent roll once again becomes such an invaluable ally to your business. Apart from generating income, assisting in increasing market share, building your database and providing listing leads to your sales department, you may also borrow against your rent roll secured solely against your portfolio.

Like a snowball racing down a hill gathering enormous momentum and strength, this amazing asset called Property Management can self stimulate the growth of your business, if you allow it!

All banks have tightened up on their lending criteria and borrowing on rent rolls hasn’t been missed in the process. Many banks have reduced their lending against rent rolls to 40-50% whilst some have even removed themselves from this market altogether. You will need to speak with your bank manager to confirm the status of their lending criteria.

The Macquarie Bank has a department specialising in the real estate industry and our unique needs. They have a good understanding of rent rolls and their asset worth and still offer excellent lending ratios. If you haven’t met the girls from Macquarie, it’s worth discussing your needs with them. Contact us at Real Estate Agency Sales and we can put you in touch.

Real Estate Agency Sales specialises solely in the sale of Real Estate Agencies and Rent Rolls, that’s all we do. Contact us on 3266 4242 or


Article written by Kevin Hockey, March 2009

Please note – This article is not meant to be considered as advice and all information should be carefully considered before being acted upon. This information should be considered in conjunction with your own specific circumstances.

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