Are we really performing for our real estate clients

Are we really performing for our real estate clients?

One of my best friends, in fact my longest friend of over 30 years, Brad, moved house in June last year. When settlement was not effected on the Monday as due this normally happy, hilarious, easy going, affable mate became completely irrational and angry. The stress on him caused him to completely lose the plot.

At 45, this was the first time he had ever sold a property. A builder/ developer had bought the home and for some reason settlement was being held up. It was school holidays, he was on holidays from work and he had visualised a smooth transition where he’d have plenty of time to transfer into his new home. Unfortunately things began to unravel differently than expected and as much as I tried to assist him, it was an incredible insight into the process that everyday families go through when they buy and sell real estate.

As settlement was now overdue he was living in his old house with no phone, no food or refrigerator and no tv. He was on holidays and the days were being eaten away by sitting around waiting for settlement to be effected. He was upset that his son was spending his school holidays sitting around, unable to do anything as they remained in limbo. Undoubtedly he was excited to move into his new home and he was being denied!!

He began by taking it out on his solicitor, abusing them with regular profanity for which he later apologised and sent a gift for his over-reaction. The Real Estate agent didn’t miss out on the treatment and he also fought terribly with his son, another thing he had to try and make up for at a later date.  At one stage he even stated to me if someone drove him to the gateway bridge he’d jump. Is this an over reaction…. Hell yeah!! Crazy stuff from a guy who is normally so in control of his emotions.

Normally rational, sane and calm people turn into stressed, exhausted, sleep deprived, irrational human beings during the real estate process which we take for granted because we do it every day.

Right now my brother has his property on the market. He has rung me several times to get an understanding of what is happening in his circumstance. One question was “Is it normal for the agent to bring a buyer through the house without contacting us to say they are coming”. His frustration continues with inspections being completed and days going by with no feedback at all. Open home feedback is nil. Now we are getting the old “The market has died, buyers are saying xx amount” which is $40k under what they appraised it at. The list of basic issues are a mile long and all this is in 2-3 weeks.

Another friend, a past client of mine, rang me last week with very similar frustrations. No feedback, no sale and a request for a $30k price reduction on the price they told him it would sell at. He was calling me for a referral for his next agent.

As a real estate salesperson previously myself I understand all the possible “reasons” for this but in a fast changing and highly competitive industry are we delivering to consumers on their expectations.

Are we as an industry really doing the best we can do? Are there areas of improvement in our Agencies which need to be attended to? Can our businesses better manage the expectation and experience of our clients?

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